Functional Movement

      Functional movement involves the whole body and relates to real world situations. Functional movements are multi-joint, multi-dimensional actions and involve the entire body, forcing the core musculature to engage. 

Core engagement improves balance, coordination, strength and posture, to name a few of the benefits. 

Natural movements such as walking, running, climbing, and swimming are extremely important activities. Training using functional movements helps to create movement that feels effortless and exact. Through an improvement in core strength, balance, range of motion and flexibility, movement is easy, fluid and adaptable. 

Dancer's Pose
Arctic Dancer

Isolation techniques on the other hand can be useful in rehabilitation or injury recovery situations. However, when movement is isolated, these uni-joint, single plane or single muscle group movements must be incorporated back into the bigger picture of multi-joint, multi-dimensional movement patterns of the real world, where the whole body is involved.

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