In Yoga, I have found a place of peace within myself, which transcends to inner peace and ease in my body. I have found something that changes with the ebb and flow of my life, which deepens as I go deeper and softens when I harden. The vast multitude of movements the body is capable of is represented in the vastness of the yoga practice. From the subtle soft slow yin practice to the vigorous engaging power of ashtanga vinyasa, we catch a glipse of the wide range of yoga practices available today.

Yoga connects movement with breath, alignment and action. Combining multi-joint movements, to arrange the body in a an arrary of shapes and forms. To me, it is fundamental human movement in its most basic and advanced posturing. 

 Endless Light... yoga & travels through the arctic...

river salute

Yogi shoot - Photography by James David Hinrikson


                      Yogapod Teacher Training - Video by Eric Hung


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Yoga is a long standing system used to open and explore ones body and mind. It is fundamental human movement and spiritual healing inter-twined.

The earliest known practice of yoga begins some 5000 years ago when self-aware beings explored the capabilities of their bodies and minds, mapping the movements in postures. Exploration of the body is something so instinctual and fundamental to our being.

For us earth bound creatures, the laws of gravity do apply and its weight is everbearing. In practice we counter-act this pressure with expansion outwards while maintaining stability and strength through controlled contraction. There we find new space within ourselves and at the same time strengthen the mind-body connections that control full-body movement.

I continue to try to deepen my practice everyday to make new connections and explore what it means to have a body and a mind.

I give my upmost blessings to the teachers in my life, Todd Inouye, Ross Howatson and Nico Luce and many more, Thank you. Namaste.